The Gel is Really Swell

For many years, I thought about trying one of the adult pills that are advertised on television. I went to the store and bought one of them, but it didn’t have any effect on me. I tried another one, but it also didn’t work. There were at least 20 different pills that I could try, and buying them all would have been a waste of money if they didn’t work. Not to mention taking them was unpleasant. Then I learned about Sildenafil Citrate, which was an oral gel that promised to do the same function as the pills.

I didn’t think the oral gel would do anything either, after having no luck with the pills. The gel cost less than the pills, so I thought it would be a poor product if it even worked at all. I bought the gel and tried it, expecting for it to be another waste of my money and time. The gel gave me quite the surprise. (more…)

Shades of Beauty

ethnic-skin-treatment-400x267Developed in 1975 by dermatologist Thomas B. Fitzpatrick as a way to classify a person’s genetic disposition and their skin’s response to ultraviolet light, the Fitzpatrick scale is the color range used primarily by dermatologists today. It places skin type into one of six categories, ranging from skin type I (very fair) to skin type VI (very dark). Within this scale, there is a wide range of human skin color variation.

The differences in skin—including tone, texture, sensitivities and reactions, thickness, moisture, and melanin levels—contribute to unique responses to the sun and environmental exposures and create different reactions to treatments and products, according to Bella Schneider, founder and owner of LaBelle Day Spas & Salons (multiple locations in CA) and Bella Schneider Beauty. “Keep in mind that within one ethnic group, there are different skin types, as well as many multiracial and mixed-race individuals, and the aesthetic goals of women vary based on their ethnic and cultural values of beauty,” she says. For example, many white clients look for a natural bronze skin color and enjoy sporting a tan, whereas Asian clients may prefer skin-whitening treatments. “When

Scents of Place

spa-aromatherapy-400x393All of the five senses—sight, smell,  hearing, taste, and touch—are connected to memories, but it’s smell that is directly linked to the part of the brain that processes emotions and memories. Research by the Sense of Smell Institute reveals that while people’s visual recall of images drops to about 50 percent after three months, they recall smells with a 65 percent accuracy after an entire year. This is good news for spas, as aromatherapy is such an integral part of a spa’s environment and atmosphere. “A person is, on average, 100 times more likely to recall a scent than an image,” says Farah Abassi, founder of Aroma360. “This is because our sense of smell is the only one of our senses that has a direct path to the brain’s limbic system. The limbic system is the ‘emotional center’ of our brain, which is why a scent has the ability to trigger such strong emotional responses.”

Using a signature scent in spa surroundings creates an olfactory memory for guests based on their relaxing experience and is a great way for your spa to create an

Body Language

CLASS-body-treatment-wrap-267x400When it comes to spa services, facials and massage still rank among the most requested, but body treatments are becoming more and more popular as spa-goers are discovering the many benefits they offer. From cleansing and exfoliating to smoothing, firming, and hydrating, body treatments pamper the skin on the body in a similar way that a facial treats the complexion. “Body treatments provide both therapeutic and esthetic benefits for overall wellness for the mind and body,” says Lynda Solien-Wolfe, vice president of massage and spa, Performance Health, manufacturer of Biofreeze, Bon Vital’, and Theraband. “Options range widely from detoxifying treatments to skin solutions.”

Body scrubs are the most popular type of body treatment, but other services that fall into the category include masks, wraps, and dry brushing. Combining one or more body treatment with a massage adds even more benefits and value to the treatment. At the Spa at Squaw Creek at Resort at Squaw Creek Lake Tahoe (Olympic Valley, CA), for example, a scrub and a massage are combined in the Detoxifying Salt Glow ($150, 50 minutes) service, which includes a full-body exfoliation

What is Paediatric First Aid and Why Everyone Should Know It?

What is Paediatric First Aid and Why Everyone ShouldPaediatric first aid focuses on helping young children and infants. Those who take part in this type of first aid course will learn the proper procedures for caring for young children and infants when they are in need. For anyone with or who works with them, it is essential in making sure that lives are not lost if anything were to happen. Even if you do not spend a lot of time around young children and infants, this is still a good way to help those in need if the need were to arise. It will make sure that these young lives are in the hand of a competent, certified individual.

Paediatric first aid is first aid for young children and infants. Regular first aid, what you use on the average adult or older child, will not work on these small bodies. When choking, not breathing, cut, or wounded or harmed in some other way, you have to use first aid tactics built with their bodies in mind. This reduces

How Oral Hygiene Affects Your Overall Health and Wellbeing

1aHave you been wondering what ways oral hygiene can be important to your overall health and well being? Or may you have been wondering what has dental hygiene got to do with your entire health? Then you are about to discover some shocking truth that will have you totally blown away. This is because it has been discovered by medical experts that general dentistry is very vital to your overall health.  You are just about discovering why you should never take your dental hygiene for granted in matters relating to most aspects of your health.

It Can Prevent an Infection like Endocarditis?

This is an inflammation of the linings of the heart muscles including its valves. It is such a life threatening nature and has been known to be triggered by bacteria infections. When the gums in your tooth get inflamed, red and then swollen; it can lead to bleeding within the mouth region.

In such case, bacteria can penetrate into your body through the bleeding. This is where your heart gets affected by Endocarditis. After

Be the Beauty Professional with The Skin and Makeup Institute

Are you a woman who always has a dream for being a beauty professional? Yes, the skillful and really experienced person who could handle such a beauty issue or capable of giving any beauty tutorials we often found at the internet, like those beauty bloggers or the one we always find in Youtube. Well, no matter what your purpose is in possessing such knowledge, everybody knows it would not be happened in an instant way as beauty is related with various fields. One thing for sure, spending your time for learning all of those beauty details by yourself could be really a time-wasting as no one guides you in every of your learning process and nobody guarantees on what you’ve done whether it is already proper or not. In that case, if you really want to learn such a thing, enriching yourself with information about beauty and more importantly to have some real-time practices, you really know where you should head yourself, yes, the beauty school. From numerous beauty school or academy we could discover in some places, could you really tell yourself which one you should trust? You look clueless at this point, so we are just

Breast Enlargement Pills That Work

I do not really care that much about the size of a woman’s breasts to be quite honest with you, but I know a lot of other people feel differently about the matter, and there are also a lot of women out there that worry too much about the size of their own breasts. My wife is one of those women and I want to thoroughly read some Miracle Bust reviews and try to figure out of this medication actually has a shot of making her breasts larger. For my own part, I couldn’t care less if she had larger breasts or not. I think that she is beautiful either way.

I am not entirely convinced that she believes me about this matter, but I have told her it a number of times and I would never say anything to imply I am not being sincere. I just worry that she still thinks that her breasts are too small and I want her to not have to worry about such things anymore. As such, if I were able to find a product that could help for her to grow larger breasts, then I think it would

Most Effective Treatment for Breast Enlargement

I am single once again and back on the dating market. I do not really look forward to having to try to find a new boyfriend, but at the same time I do not want to be alone. It is not very fun being single and I do not intend to be single for more than a month. Sure my recent break-up is still fresh in my mind, but it was bound to happen anyway. I am going to buy Miracle Bust pills, which are a pill that is designed to help you to develop larger breasts and really hope it will work and make my breasts larger. I am hoping that it will help me to go up at least a cup size in terms of my bust, but I would be happy with any noticeable improvement.

One of the things that has always hindered my attempts at developing and maintaining healthy relationships is the fact that I do not have a lot of confidence in my body and I do not think that I am exceptionally pretty. That is in spite of the fact that a number of people have told me otherwise